A Spaceship Made Of Death

A Spaceship Made Of Death

My name is Sugar and I shall be your host for this tumblr

20 / Canadaland

Dating this fine honey here. Check him out he's a qt

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I love this ship! They are my OTP. They really cute. I love to think that Knockout use every “Flirt joke” that he learnt from human movies or everything and Starscream just like “WTF” or “You sure you don’t need any examination?” 

Here my animation I did for class!
We had to animate to audio chosen from The 11 Second Club , I think it turned out pretty good!

No idea where the audio is from tho, I googled around and I think its from something called NewsRadio?

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I fucking dare you to find me a video of Bushveld Rain Frogs feeding time that has a better, more carnival-like vibe

Every week the internet shows me a frog even more like myself than the last

I have never felt such joy this video will help me through the darkest times

I want to kiss each one aaaaaaaaa!!!!

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