So You Got The Best of Me, So Amazingly

So You Got The Best of Me, So Amazingly

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Holding my opinion on the remakes. The first one is great, it was originally supposed to be a resident evil game, so the atmosphere is really cool for the genre. The sequels don’t have the same feel to it, but they make up for it with better action

Yeah I saw it was made by the same team, I should have realized sooner. Crazy it was supposed to be an actual RE game dang

The reboot is polarizing(I personally loved it, but I know people who hate it). The first one is a great starter, avoid the second one altogether, three is the golden child, and four is pretty good too. Also, try Bayonetta. It’s from the creator.

Ah i should have said that I don’t personally feel that way about the reboot, just what I’ve heard. I understand not a lot of people like the new Dante or whatever he is. From what I can tell he’s kind of a huge shit haha

I’ll keep that in mind! I definitely wanna play Bayonetta sooooo bad it looks crazy fun and Bayonetta herself is crazy hot oh my gosh, especially when she has short hair (˘˘)

I discovered at work that we have Devil May Cry and Destroy All Humans that  I can get crazy cheap :0

I’m definitely getting DMC for $5 but im debating on also getting DAH as well for $7.50 hmmmmmmmm

jakewikstrom: Do you remember what songs MM played last night? Any stuff from Long Drive?

They didn’t play anything off that album sadly but they did play: 

I Came As A Rat, Dashboard, Fly Trapped in a Jar, Satellite Skin, Dark Center Of The Universe, A Different City, Wild Packs of Family Dogs, Cowboy Dan, Out of Gas, The World At Large (which had a CRAZY finale), Bury Me With It, Bukowski, Satin in a Coffin, The Good Times Are Killing Me, Never Ending Math Equation, Heart Cooks Brain and they finished with The View! ALSO they played one new song i’m pretty sure unless it was a cover

wow im amazed I recalled all that it was a good show


Parasyte anime adaptation starts in October.



Official site: link

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I had a really good time at the Modest Mouse concert! We kind of had shitty seats at the beginning but we were able to move down closer once Modest Mouse started playing thank goodness 

Super amazing to hear them play live, so glad I had a chance to do something off of my bucket list <33

Thanks for the condolences guys, really appreciate it

I know he’s in a better place, his eyes were failing him and I could tell it bothered him a lot. He’s also lived through a lot of heart problems and our family pretty much has good memories of him.

We all had very good last visits with him all things considered. Thanks again guys