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Kitty la Kitty, vol. 4

I’m sorry, I’m having a way too much fun with these edits!
It’s nice to see Kitty la Kitty au (?) is getting its own things in how the characters appear; like Mugu’s short but rough tail and Gamagoori’s bob cat tail. Oh and Nui’s got a fashionable fuzzy tail with purple colour.
Look at Satsuki’s tiny ears! <3

Sob I want to find more pictures of Tsumugu for kitty ears. I think I have to rewatch at least Mugu’s first episode and screencap some pics.

Kitty la Kitty 1
Kitty la Kitty 2
Kitty la Kitty 3


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new-gin-clever-title-goes-here: You know what goodbye samus can be what ever she wants I'm done with feminist



The thing is that her recent portrayals (other M) make her to be a submissive baby-obsessed woman who suffers ptsd from a fight with an enemy she’s faced 5 times and needs to be validated by a father figure. 

If she was a real person, of course she could be however she wants to be but she’s a fictional character so her personality and actions are decided for her. 

Samus Aran was super cool to me as a kid, so it really sucks to me that nintendo/sakamoto is taking her into this idealised woman portrayal :(

Also, I understand being upset with people complaining about Samus recently but pleeeease don’t blame feminism. I’m sure there are people taking this issue too far but a couple people on tumblr don’t represent feminism as a whole. Feminism is about basic human rights which I feel is important. 

She froze up because in the timeline Ridley had just got sucked into a black hole and came back that quick. It makes perfect sense that she’d freeze up.

but she had fought him 5 timesbefore that point. I get that she would be shocked that the big bad she thought was dead came back that fast but she was experiencing ptsd which doesn’t make sense at all. She didn’t experience it before when she had reason to as he killed her parents and all 

I think it would make sense that she would have expected him to not be dead at this point after having fought him that many times

themrfiggs replied to your post: new-gin-clever-title-goes-here as…

The fact that portrayal is considered ideal is ridiculous. Samus was awesome until team ninja decided to put words in her mouth.

Apparently Team Ninja went out of their way to explain that it was all Sakamoto’s doing that Other M’s story was so bad.

That’s pretty bad when the team that creates the dead or alive beach volleyball games doesn’t want to be credited for Other M’s story yeesh