A Spaceship Made Of Death

A Spaceship Made Of Death

My name is Sugar and I shall be your host for this tumblr

20 / Canadaland

Dating this fine honey here. Check him out he's a qt

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Sugars Sweet Life is my tag for stuff that goes on in my life

I refuse to put One Step Closer on my ipod (along with a few others just cause I never liked them as much)  b/c that “shut up when i’m talking to you” part kills me every goddamn time, all I can think of is a 14 year old screaming at his mom

I’ve come to a point where I have to admit I still really like Linkin Park and now i’m putting their first two albums back on my ipod

the early stuff is still goofy as fuck but I can’t help but love it lol

oh ebil i got ur suggestion, just a heads up that I’m gonna do it tomorrow for sure and ur ask didn’t get eaten!