So You Got The Best of Me, So Amazingly

So You Got The Best of Me, So Amazingly

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what kinda candy coated cock 0is the new thing sucking? and by that i mean, what’s wrong with it? i dont think i’ve seen the old version.

I’ve never had a good experience with any new version of skype but this one seems to be doing ok for once so I GUESS it doesn’t have to suck any dick unless it wants to lol

wow skype suck a huge dick for signing me out in the middle of a call b/c im using an outdated version

maybe i’d use your new version if it didn’t suck so much dick

also about the AJJ concert last night, they played White Face, Black Eyes which segwayed into Big Bird and it was so powerful I legit cried a little haha

omg I went to see Andrew JAckson Jihad last night and they were AMAZING. They are definitely a treat to see live, they have so much energy it’s crazy!

Their opening acts, Dogbreth and Hard Girls were really great too! I actually bought their CDs which I rarely ever do but they played soo good

Overall it was a fantastic night :D

lycoteuthis replied to your post: I’ve been reading the Trigun manga rec…

the trigun manga is a mess like at some point the artist just decided it didn’t matter who was saying things or doing things as long as the guns are pretty

I had a sneeeeaking suspicion this was the case lol 

I can’t wait till I finish it so I can head over to the wiki and figure out just what the fuck happened

I’ve been reading the Trigun manga recently and I’m reaching a point where I don’t even fully understand what’s going on. I find it hard to tell what’s going on in the art or who is speaking at times :/

I think the anime does a way better job of pacing the story and handling the characters but I do like additional info in the manga, like the plants and whatnot